Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rev3 Cedar Point Full Triathlon Race Report

So about a year ago I decided to do the full distance triathlon (140.6) at Cedar Point. One big reason was the cost, $350 compared to $650 for an Ironman. I had heard a lot of good things about the Rev3 series. Over the course of the weekend, I noticed good & bad things about the differnce in events compared to Ironman. Less than 250 athletes compared to 2500+. This made for shorter lines for check-in & such.
     Arrived at Cedar Point on Friday & checked into hotel, went out for pizza  with Liz & Nathan. Got a good nights sleep also. Saturday I was awaken by a bullhorn outside my hotel that was at the start if the sprint race.
     Later, I did the athlete check-in, thought about doing the practice swim but decided against it, water was rough & choppy as there was a ride current risk. Then went to bike check-in & then athlete meeting. Since I was all set, I decided to join my family for awhile & ride a few roller coasters (one of the pluses of doing Cedar Point). Think I ride 4 total, then called it a day. Had lunch/supper in the park at Johnny Rockets. Headed back to hotel & got my race day bags & special needs bags ready. Showered & shaved, then laid down in bed by 8:30pm. Set my alarms for 4:20am (yes I sent more than one in racedays). Woke by 3:50am, stayed in bed until 4:10am. Up & showered. Breakfast was a bagel, banana, & Fit & Active milk chocolate shake. Met Liz at 5:15am & headed down to transition. Aired my bike tires, put my drinks on my bike, & dropped off my bags. Back to my room, anothe plus was that my room was 200 yards from the swim start. Waited in my room until 6:30am, then headed down to swim start.
     Got my wetsuit on (Lake Erie water temp was 72). Waded out to the start which was in the water about chest deep. I noticed the waves were pounded me right away! Oh well, once we got out a little bit, it would be more smooth. Boy was I wrong. Air horn went off & away I go. I just kept getting pounded by the waves. Couldn't breath to the right, so untried the left, same thing. Just kept taking in water. I started to panic. Flipped over & tried the backstroke. I wasn't moving. Finally, I started doing a side stroke. Ok, now I was moving forward but very slowly. The course was 0.4 miles out to the first buoy to turn. Wasn't sure I was going to make it there. This was the first race that I had thought of being pulled from the swim, crossed my mind a couple of times. The waves were 2-4 feet high which made breathing hard & sighting even harder! When I looked back, I only noticed a couple of swim caps behind me. Finally made the first turn, then it got easier as the waves were coming from my left side & I could breath in the right side. I looked at my watch & that first 0.4 miles took 20 minutes. A quick calculation & I the swim was going to take 2 hours! The second 0.4 miles went much better & I started passing people left & right. Made the next right turn that would take me back to the start buoy. It was too bad as the waves were coming from the right & I could breath on my left. At the halfway point I checked my watch & I was at 48 minutes. Now it was back straight into the waves. So I decided it was back to the side stroke. One problem though, my right hamstring didn't like that & started to cramp. Now what? Well only thing to do was man up swim! I finally found a good rhythm breathing on my right & timing it either at the bottom of the wave or at the top. Made the next turn & knew it was time to turn it up a notch. Next straight away & started passing a lot if people. Made the last turn & headed towards to swim finish. This is were I thought this waves would just push me in like a surfer. Wrong again. Had to work hard. The closer I got to the shore, the more I noticed the rip current pulling me back out. Made it out if the water in 1:33:58 for 2.4 miles, 72nd out of 224. My Garmin showed  2.7 miles. And I had to really work for that. I was planning on a 1:10:00 or faster. 
  Walked into transition changing tent & most guys were talking about how hard that was. Made me feel a little better. Left the tent & got to my bike, put my helmet on, then realized I forgot my sunglasses in my bag. Had to go back, too long of a day to go without them.
  Now time for my specialty, the bike. I had decided to use my aero helmet even though my longest ride with it was 60 miles. The high for the day was only 75. I'm happy I did, didn't have any problems. My plan for the bike was to average 20 but to make sure my heart rate stayed under 145 for the most part. With only 224, we were spaced out a lot, which made for a honest bike. I didn't see any drafting. I broke the bike course into 4 sections of 28 miles each. I checked my average after each section & reevaluated my hydration. First section was bad, I knew I had used a lot more energy on the swim than I had planned. I was at 19.4 mph average. Next section I was at 19.7 mph average, third section was 19.6 mph average, & I ended at 19.6 mph average for the 112 miles. The course is pretty flat & a 2 loop course. Each loop had a 12 miles section straight east which turned out to be directly in to the wind & the second time the wind was noticeable stronger. Overall I was happy with my bike time, 5:42:41. I was up to 26th overall.
     T2 was just a normal transition & then off for the marathon. Having a knee injury, I planned in walking at least the first half, then deciding what to do after that. I got the first loop done in 3:05. I figured the second half would be a little slower. It was but not by much. As I went I decided just to speed walk the whole marathon just so I could say that I did. At about mile 20, I stopped to refill my water bottle & I noticed I could barley stand up. My back was hurting & I was hunched over. I didn't hurt much as long as I was walking fast, so I kept after it. With 2 miles to go, it was getting dark, but I knew I had this one in the bag! I got to 100 yards to go & my niece was there & ran thru the finish line with me. Well, let me explain, she wanted to run & I couldn't at that point. Finished the marathon in 6:14:23. Not bad for speed walking the whole distance.
    My finish time was officially 13:42:18 for 90th overall & 16th out of 35 in my age group. After my knee injury, my goal was to break 14 hours. So it was an awesome day!
     After the race, it was a half mile bech walk back to my hotel. But we found a gate to the park open & decided to go that way. Then my brother asked if I wanted to ride my bike. Sure, how many people get the chance to ride their bike thru Cedar Point amusement park! Well I know one!!
    We went to eat at TGIFriday but that didn't taste good. Went back to hotel but couldn't sleep. At 2:45am, I had a piece of leftover pizza & it tasted good. Then I was able to go to sleep.
     Overall I was happy with Rev3 event. I would recommend it to anyone. Cedar Point had a sprint event on Saturday & a half & full on Sunday. But....nothing compares to an Ironman!
    My total training time & miles for the year are - 
     Swim - 52 workouts, 85.06 miles, & 51:50:43.
     Bike - 76 workouts, 2721.93 miles, & 176:06:39.
     Run - 58 workouts. 359.65 miles, & 60:02:28.
     Walk - 45 workouts, 223.37 miles, & 58:16:22.

     Lastly, I want to thank my wife for putting up with all my training (and moods), my training partners for pushing me in days when I didn't want to & for putting up with me  when I wanted to push then, & to all my friends & family on social media for all the encouragement! It was an epic year training & racing!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Race Schedule & Goals

Sitting here the first full week of 2014 & surviving the negative temps made me think about my races & goals for 2014. First off, yesterday I became the VP of the local sub-zero running club! It was -6 temp with a wind chill of -26 & I decided it was time to break my personal record of running in the cold (previous low was +4). The plan was to make it around the block, which is 1mile. But I wasn't cold, so I went around the other block & still wasn't cold & made it around the original block again for a total of 3.25 miles! BTW, Elizabeth Eaken is the President.

Now back to the original programming. My 'A' race is Rev3 Cedar Point Full (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, & 26.2 mile run) on Sept 7th. This will be my 3rd full distance Tri. As you will notice, I will not be calling it an Ironman because it is ran by Rev3, even though it is the same distance. My goal for this race is an 11:25:00 (1:15 swim, 5:30 bike, 4:15 run, & :25 T1& T2.) 

All other races will be 'B' or training days.

Feb 8 - Valentimes 10K
March 22 - Papa John's 10 miler 
March 23 - Sheblyville (KY) Sprint Tri
April 5 - Hoosier Half Marathon (1:40:00 goal)
May 3 - Seymour Half Marathon (1:35:00 goal)
May 10 - TriFest Olympic
May 17 - Terre Haute Tri
June 22 - Rev3 Wisconsin Dells Half 
July 12 - IM Muncie 70.3
July 20 - IM Racine 70.3
Aug 9 - Columbus Olympic Tri
Sept 7 - Rev3 Cedar Point Full

My goal for the half distance Tri that I choose is a 5:30:00 (35:00 swim, 2:40 bike, 1:59:59 run, 15:00 T1& T2.)

Now to reach these goals, I decided to set individual goals for each sport.

Swim - 100 miles (176,000 yards)
Bike - 5000 miles
Run - 1500 miles

And my race weight plans to be 150 lbs.

Well, there it is in a nutshell. 2014, my best year yet!

Monday, December 16, 2013

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Last week we had 9" of snow on Friday & another 3" on Sunday. And now the temperature is in the single digits. School is closed on Monday & Tuesday, & that means the pool is closed on Monday.
Monday was suppose to be a swim workout, but since the pool was closed I went to SNAP Fitnees & did an hour on the elliptical.
Tuesday was an easy run followed by a strength workout. Since I haven't figured our the strength routine, just did my normal ab/core workout.
Wednesday was bike & swim day. Went to SNAP & used the spin bike for an hour. Then later I went the pool for a 50 minute swim.
Thursday was a run & strength but I just got too busy & had a basketball game out of town that evening.
Friday was another run. I got in 5 miles in about 45 minutes. Then it was off to another game. It was my biggest varsity game to date!
Saturday & Sunday was a bike day followed by a run day. Didn't get either done. Just didn't.
Let's see how this next week goes.

Monday, December 9, 2013

First Week Complete #Rev3CP2014

First week completed with new coach. Not that we are doing anything new, just that it's hard to get in the groove with this weather southern Indiana is having. 
Monday I did my 30' time trial (TT) test. This test is used to determine my heart rate zones for all future run workouts. 
Tuesday was a bike day & it was nice enough outside (for December) that I did a group ride at 8pm. One small problem, I was on my fat tire commuter bike while the 3 others were on their skinny tire road bike. But in the end, it was a good ride.
Wednesday was time for my swim TT test, 500 yds in 8:19.09. I was hoping to get under 8:30.
Thursday was the start of the weather pattern change. I had a run scheduled but wasn't able to get it in, had a basketball game in downtown Indy that night.
Friday was the day we got 9" of snow during the day & was not able to get to Columbus to swim at FFY.
Saturday was my bike TT test to determine my heart rate zones for the bike. I did this test at SNAP Fitness gym on the spin bike. I like using it so I don't "use up" my TT bike.
Sunday was a scheduled run day... But it was in the teens outside so I went back to SNAP & used the elliptical for an hour.

On to the next week!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rev 3 Cedar Point

My 2014 race schedule is coming along. I've already signed up for Rev3 Cedar Point Full Distance. The race date is Sept 7th. A few of my training friends have signed up too. Elizabeth Eaken & Ryan Knutson are doing the full & Nathan Otte is doing the half. Rumor is RaeAnn Mellencamp is also doing the full but not sure she has signed up.

Also looking at doing the Hoosier Half Marathon in April, Seymour Half Marathon in May, & either Rev 3 Wisconsin Dells Half in June or a half distance Tri in Kentucky in July.

Next step was getting a coach. As of December 2nd, I will be coached by Dream Big Triathlon Coaching out of Bloomington Indiana. I'm excited to start working with Brant. I meant Brant at a Tri a couple of years ago. He is a good competitor & has always stopped to talk to me whenever he sees me. Check out his website at 

My goals for the winter months is to cut body fat. I've let it go a little this past year. My endurance is there, but need to get that speed back that I had in 2012. One way I do that is through the app MyFitnessPal. I lost over 30 lbs in a year by counting my calories & knowing exactly what I was eating.

As for my fitness tracking, I add all my workouts to my calendar so I know how to plan my week. The I use my Garmin 910XT & download all my data to Feel free to to take a look at my data on there.

2014 looks to be an exciting year of racing!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11th - Pre-IM Muncie 70.3

Just looking over my data & planning out my race day strategy. Found so interesting stuff.
Swim - 39 workouts, 45.11 miles, 28:02:22
Bike - 25 workouts, 767.64 miles, 45:10:53
Run - 90 workouts, 611.79 miles, 90:40:30
Now the first thing I notice is there is not enough bike workouts & I only averaged 30 miles per ride.
Second thing is the run data. 90 workouts & 90 hours, so that means I averaged over 1 hour & 6.8 miles per run. This part of the data I'm extremely happy with.
The third thing is the swim. It is about where it needs to be, at least for me.
So with all this, the race plan is now set. Here it is.
Swim sub 40 minutes (wetsuit legal will make it sub 36 minutes which it is suppose to be.)
Bike average over 20 mph which is 2:48:00 or faster. This will be my longest bike race portion with my TT bike, aero wheels, & aero helmet.
Run sub 2 hours which is a pace of 9:09 per mile. I plan out going out at 9:00 pace for the first half & then turn it up after the turn around.
Including transitions (T1 & T2), I'm shooting at breaking 5:30. The weather will be perfect & hopefully I be near perfect.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day update

I really needed to do a marathon update but its been over two months since that race. So I will just update everything I've done & am doing since then.

I really loved the marathon in DC, easy to get to everything by the Metro. I will be doing this event again! I PR'ed the race by about 25 minutes with a 3:53:40. I was hoping for a little faster but I'll take my first marathon under 4 hours!

After a couple of easy weeks, next up was the Seymour Mini Marathon on May 4th. Another PR by 4 minutes with a 1:38:40. Now I will say the course was a little short but I guess I can't complain since I was the one who designed the route!

The next day was the B2 Bike Time Trial, a 20K all out effort. was rainy, cold, & windy. Still went out with Liz & pre-ride the course plus a little more. We both thought it was the hilly course, which has uphills, downhills, & turns. And after riding the course, I thought it was too dangerous to race. I packed it in & took a nice hot shower.

Next up on my schedule was Camp Pyoca Sprint Triathlon. I was ready for the Tri season to started. Then I got the call, the call from Camp Pyoca stating that there was not enough pre registered to have the event. Cancelled, now what. Well I found a Duathlon on the same day in Shelbyville. Good enough for me, and cheap. It was a 2 mile run, then a 16 mile bike, finished off by another 2 mile run. I finished 11th overall with a time of 1:16:30, but that was only good for 5th in my age group. No hardware! Still need to work on speed in the run. I thought my bike was slow also but after checking out the results, I had the 6th best bike if the day.

Last week I started a running clinic put on by Danny Fisher in Columbus. This clinic is aimed at helping runners for the upcoming Mill Race Marathon in September, which I have on my schedule. Last week we did a track workout & I had my fastest mile (6:10) & half mile (3:00) since high school. Tonight we did mile repeats & he had me do them faster than I would have thought I could have!

The schedule for the rest of the summer/fall for me is/
Red White & Blue Festival 5K on June 15th.
Muncie Ironman 70.3 on July 13th
Buckhead Border Triathlon on July 21st
Columbus Triathlon on August 10th
Columbus Mill Race Marathon on September 28th

So it looks like I'll be dining a lot run training for the next couple of months!

Somedays I swim
Somedays I bike
Somedays I run
Everyday I Tri!