Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11th - Pre-IM Muncie 70.3

Just looking over my data & planning out my race day strategy. Found so interesting stuff.
Swim - 39 workouts, 45.11 miles, 28:02:22
Bike - 25 workouts, 767.64 miles, 45:10:53
Run - 90 workouts, 611.79 miles, 90:40:30
Now the first thing I notice is there is not enough bike workouts & I only averaged 30 miles per ride.
Second thing is the run data. 90 workouts & 90 hours, so that means I averaged over 1 hour & 6.8 miles per run. This part of the data I'm extremely happy with.
The third thing is the swim. It is about where it needs to be, at least for me.
So with all this, the race plan is now set. Here it is.
Swim sub 40 minutes (wetsuit legal will make it sub 36 minutes which it is suppose to be.)
Bike average over 20 mph which is 2:48:00 or faster. This will be my longest bike race portion with my TT bike, aero wheels, & aero helmet.
Run sub 2 hours which is a pace of 9:09 per mile. I plan out going out at 9:00 pace for the first half & then turn it up after the turn around.
Including transitions (T1 & T2), I'm shooting at breaking 5:30. The weather will be perfect & hopefully I be near perfect.