Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Race Schedule & Goals

Sitting here the first full week of 2014 & surviving the negative temps made me think about my races & goals for 2014. First off, yesterday I became the VP of the local sub-zero running club! It was -6 temp with a wind chill of -26 & I decided it was time to break my personal record of running in the cold (previous low was +4). The plan was to make it around the block, which is 1mile. But I wasn't cold, so I went around the other block & still wasn't cold & made it around the original block again for a total of 3.25 miles! BTW, Elizabeth Eaken is the President.

Now back to the original programming. My 'A' race is Rev3 Cedar Point Full (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, & 26.2 mile run) on Sept 7th. This will be my 3rd full distance Tri. As you will notice, I will not be calling it an Ironman because it is ran by Rev3, even though it is the same distance. My goal for this race is an 11:25:00 (1:15 swim, 5:30 bike, 4:15 run, & :25 T1& T2.) 

All other races will be 'B' or training days.

Feb 8 - Valentimes 10K
March 22 - Papa John's 10 miler 
March 23 - Sheblyville (KY) Sprint Tri
April 5 - Hoosier Half Marathon (1:40:00 goal)
May 3 - Seymour Half Marathon (1:35:00 goal)
May 10 - TriFest Olympic
May 17 - Terre Haute Tri
June 22 - Rev3 Wisconsin Dells Half 
July 12 - IM Muncie 70.3
July 20 - IM Racine 70.3
Aug 9 - Columbus Olympic Tri
Sept 7 - Rev3 Cedar Point Full

My goal for the half distance Tri that I choose is a 5:30:00 (35:00 swim, 2:40 bike, 1:59:59 run, 15:00 T1& T2.)

Now to reach these goals, I decided to set individual goals for each sport.

Swim - 100 miles (176,000 yards)
Bike - 5000 miles
Run - 1500 miles

And my race weight plans to be 150 lbs.

Well, there it is in a nutshell. 2014, my best year yet!