Monday, February 4, 2013

Biggest Week So Far

Biggest week so far was on schedule.  Monday was my rest day, did 1650 yards in the pool, nice recovery work. Tuesday was what they call your marathon time predictor, Yasso 800's. Plan was 800's in 3:30, which is equal to 3:30 marathon. I ended up with 4 x 800 with times of 3:29, 3:35, 3:41, 3:30, pretty close to what I wanted, 8 miles total for the day. And it was 65 degrees outside. That was of note because Wednesday, the temp dropped all day & was windy for our group run. Still got in 6 miles. Then headed to the pool for a recovery 1650 yards. Thursday was a rest day. Friday was Tempo day (as usual). Tough getting out the door though, as temp was 20 with single digit wind chill. But...still got out the door for 10 miles with 7 at MP. Good run, was extremely happy with this one. Saturday was another rest day but Sunday was the long run. 20 miles scheduled, again 19 degrees with single digit wind chill. I did an 11 mile loop & was ready to call it quits after that. But managed to get back out for the 2nd half of the run. 2nd half was rough, legs hurt, knee hurt, hard keeping hands warm. Still manged to get it in, finished with 19.6 miles at 9:05 pace. Not the 20 I wanted but close enough for the condition I was in.

Another big week this upcoming week!

Weekly training totals - 44.1 miles, 6:28:21, 8:48 pace

Marathon training totals - 320.44 miles, 48:06:29, 9:00 pace