Monday, December 9, 2013

First Week Complete #Rev3CP2014

First week completed with new coach. Not that we are doing anything new, just that it's hard to get in the groove with this weather southern Indiana is having. 
Monday I did my 30' time trial (TT) test. This test is used to determine my heart rate zones for all future run workouts. 
Tuesday was a bike day & it was nice enough outside (for December) that I did a group ride at 8pm. One small problem, I was on my fat tire commuter bike while the 3 others were on their skinny tire road bike. But in the end, it was a good ride.
Wednesday was time for my swim TT test, 500 yds in 8:19.09. I was hoping to get under 8:30.
Thursday was the start of the weather pattern change. I had a run scheduled but wasn't able to get it in, had a basketball game in downtown Indy that night.
Friday was the day we got 9" of snow during the day & was not able to get to Columbus to swim at FFY.
Saturday was my bike TT test to determine my heart rate zones for the bike. I did this test at SNAP Fitness gym on the spin bike. I like using it so I don't "use up" my TT bike.
Sunday was a scheduled run day... But it was in the teens outside so I went back to SNAP & used the elliptical for an hour.

On to the next week!

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